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Much has been said about male ejaculation, but what do we know about female ejaculation?
English gives us the word squirt (to expel liquid) to define the process of ejaculating in women, turning the phenomenon into the increasingly popular squirting.

The process consists in that, just before or at the moment of the female orgasm, a liquid is expelled in small (or large) quantities. The Skin glands, escort Lebanon, located on each side of the urethra, are responsible for the expulsion of this fluid. You can lose up to 50 ml of an insipid, odorless and colorless liquid. These glands are usually equated to the male prostate.

During the per-orgasmic and orgasmic period, the woman is distinguished by two types of ejaculation:
A weak ejaculation, the most unnoticed, that is formed by a small amount of translucent whitish liquid. It is the most common in society.

The Squirting, which is a great a jet ejection of large amounts of ejaculatory fluid.
This second term always raises debates about the possibility of reaching such amounts of liquid in all women, so we can only ask...
What are the keys to squirting?

The phenomenon of jet ejaculation remains a mystery but the knowledge of our anatomy, sexual liberation and comfort with our partner are key factors to achieve the best orgasms of our lives.
Maximum excitement: kisses, caresses, preliminaries, Lebanon escorts, fantasies, everything goes to create the best environment to release the most hidden desires.

Relaxation: if the mind is relaxed, open minded and open to new experiences, our body will be ready for everything.

Lubrication: will depend on the female body in question, but a good lubricant will facilitate the pleasure.
Clitoral stimulation: many women get more pleasure from this technique than in penetration, so a correct stimulation will increase the pleasure and perhaps, the achievement of our goal.
 Zone G: press at different speeds and intermittently this area around the clitoris will induce the ejaculatory fluid, since we will activate the mentioned skein glands. 

Once the G-spot feels swollen, escort in Lebanon, the stimulation should grow in speed and intensity to achieve the desired orgasm.Penetration: when the time is right, the introduction of fingers or dildos will stimulate the female body. 

Lubrication: will depend on the female body in question, but a good lubricant will facilitate the pleasure.
Moans, crying, screaming, nothing comparable with the sensation of orgasm. Free yourself and get to experience that feeling!
You dare?


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