Orgasms with Lebanon escorts

How to Orgasms with Lebanon escorts? It releases stress, burns calories as if we had been doing an intense sport, it can alleviate pains by reducing the tension of the body ... and it produces an unequaled pleasure. 

We are not talking about any last generation miracle medicine. We talk about orgasm. Can there be anything more satisfying than the climax of a sexual relationship? It does not matter if we talk about male orgasm or female orgasm, escort Lebanon, in this sense men and women look for the same thing: pleasure without limits.

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Orgasms with escorts

Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to do it is to experiment with Lebanon escorts, which make us enjoy sensations unknown until now. Their experience and dedication make them "work" the theme to provide the customer with the greatest possible pleasure. In fact, many people, when they try orgasms with escorts, Lebanon escort, discover an excitement that until now they had never felt.

The orgasm of man

The male orgasm lasts between 3 and 8 seconds, reaching in some cases up to 10, and it takes between 2 and 10 minutes to reach it. About the ejaculation, we can focus attention on some curiosities: 

Experts compare a male orgasm with a "chute" of heroin. Why is it good to have an orgasm? Although they are completely antagonistic (the first very beneficial and the second absolutely destructive), escorts in Lebanon, both stimulate the same part of the brain and therefore produce similar sensations in our head. 

So one thing is clear: do not drink, practice sex. And that the first thing a man thinks about is sex, it can also be true. Do you know when the first erection is experienced? During the last trimester of pregnancy, when we are still a fetus!

Female and male orgasms: differences

Sex differences are also inevitable when talking about orgasm. The biological and physiological characteristics of the male and female sex condition the way to reach and feel the orgasm, so this is different in men and women. Neither better nor worse, simply different.

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Women have a reputation for being complicated, also as far as sex is concerned. Making them reach orgasm is not easy at all; escort in Lebanon, it depends a lot on themselves and requires a lot of work and dedication on the part of the other person. The work has its reward: to see them enjoy very intensely. 

The female orgasms, although they vary from one woman to another and even from one relationship to another, usually last between 13 and 51 seconds (multiply the man by much). The time needed to reach the climax is also much higher than that of men (there is someone who speaks for a minimum of 10 minutes), but beware of self-stimulation! This time may be greatly diminished, and may reach orgasm even after of the 30 seconds.

On the eternal question of the existence or not of point G, experts have contradictory opinions. What they all agree is that with a good stimulation of the clitoris (oral, manual or friction) or with a penetration that rubs the vaginal walls intensively continuously, the woman will reach an orgasm (or several).

The multi-orgasmic man

Despite the differences, men and women also have things in common as far as sex is concerned. For example, the penis and clitoris originate from the same type of embryo tissue. And it is that, in the purely physiological, Beirut escort, there are not so many differences. For example, Lebanon escorts service, the tingling we feel (boys and girls) when we are excited comes from the same nerve, the pudendal, which connects the sexual organs with the brain.

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A widespread false myth is that man can not be multi-orgasmic, while women can. The truth is that it is a false belief, since they have documented cases since time immemorial. It is more difficult, yes, but not impossible.

If you want to experience a good orgasm (or discover how to do to have several) try professional services. Having orgasms with Lebanon Escorts will make you discover a dimension of pleasure until the unknown moment.


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